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  • Individuals, families or companies can become a sponsor through two ways:

  1. Monetary: Diamond $100K, Platinum $50K, Gold $25k, Silver $10K, Brass $5K, Copper $1K 

  2. Products: Equipment, Furniture, Clothing, etc.

  3. Services: Meals, Vacations, Massage, etc.

  • Sponsors who donate $5K or more can choose to have a 60 or 30 second commercial created or submit a prerecorded commercial which will be aired during the game show.

  • Sponsors names will be mentioned at the beginning or end of the show and in rolling end credits on the channel or the City’s website.

  • Sponsors names will be included on all game show marketing collateral.

  • Sponsors names will be printed on a banner and hung during the game.

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