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There’s a reason the patio is one of the most-beloved landscaping features. Patios and walkways provide the foundation for outdoor living! Their versatility, longevity, and enduring beauty make them our most requested hardscaping service. Whether you want an architectural sitting wall or need a retaining wall for structural support, our team will create a design to encompass all your hardscape needs.


The crown jewel of our business is creating extraordinary outdoor spaces with edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and berries.

With rising costs in almost every aisle of the grocery store, do you ever wish you could just grow a few vegetables at home? Maybe you think you don’t have enough garden space, maybe you just don’t know where to start. Or you might just want to make better use of your outdoor space. Whatever the case, let us guide you through the many possibilities from a Kitchen Garden, Raised Bed, Containers, or a Traditional Garden and more...

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Water rocks, pond less waterfalls, and koi ponds……water connects us to nature. The sound of water lowers stress, refreshes the air we breathe and reduces neighborhood noises. Water features invite nature into your space.   Our team can design a custom water feature  to fit your aesthetic as well as your budget.



An outdoor fire pit, bowl, column, or other feature is a great way to heat your outdoor space in evenings and during the colder winter months. These beautiful features also provide a great space for friends to gather and socialize. 

There's a fire feature for every taste like fire pits, bowls, columns, and tables as well as chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, and more. Let us help you select the right one for your home.


Whether you’ve dreamed of tranquil dips under the stars or want to turn your backyard into a family destination, spas have come to define at home luxury. Features like beach entries, sun shelfs, and lighting can transform your home into a backyard paradise. Our team can design a ‘vacation at home’ experience when you’re ready to take the plunge.



Rain and glaring sunshine are unwelcome guests at many backyard cookouts. Custom pavilions, pergolas and roofs offer an elegant solution. Shade structures extend the use of your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen and landscape features by providing protection from the elements during every season.

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