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  • All participants must be residents of the city.

  • A family can consist of five biological relatives or a combination of neighbors ages 5+ (only 1 child under 13 per family)

  • This game is designed to include activities for Individuals with physical disabilities.

  • Residents register through an online form by clicking a link on the City’s website to access the Show’s website or go directly to the Show’s website.

  • Every family member must submit the following (on the form):

    • Full names, Address, Age, Nationality, Email, Mobile and/or Home Number, or any information that you require to collect.

  • Sign Liability Waiver.  This information will not be sold or given to anyone other than the person or department assigned by the mayor’s office.

  • Families will be selected through a process that works best for the city. (By Race, Wards, or Randomly)

  • Participants can be notified via text, phone call and/or email.

  • Selected participants have 7 days to respond.

  • Every participant will receive a “WHAT'S NEXT?” T-Shirt.  The T-Shirts can also be purchased by anyone before, after and during the intermission at the show memorabilia booth in the Vendor area.

  • Participating City Officials or representative must contact the selected families prior to the game to introduce themselves to one another and ensure the family has the information needed to play the upcoming game.

  • The participating City Official must be present at the game to Introduce their family and act as the coach during the game.

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