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  • Over the past three years due to the pandemic, collectively we have experienced great loss and even greater the feeling of loneliness and despair.

  • According to a Human Performance Resource Study Families who make time to have fun together report feeling closer, more satisfied, and more mentally healthy. (HPR 2022)

  • WHAT’S NEXT Community Game Show was designed to Strengthen Community Social Connectedness.

  • Residents  must learn about one another and the city in order to answer questions correctly to win the game.

  • City Official Representatives must participate as a coach and meet the families in order for the families to play.

  • Fun is the first part of fundamental and it is the basis of a caring and strong community. 

  • WHAT’S NEXT games consist of 3 Challenge Rounds of various questions and answer games and 1 final physical activity. The family with the most points wins the game and will receive prizes.

  • Prizes are donated from sponsors, local businesses, domestic and global companies. (Food, Meals, Clothing, Toys, Furniture, Appliances, etc.)

  • Game Questions will include information about the city and from the mayor’s monthly newsletter that residents can access on the city’s website and or a text link sent to each registered participant.

  • Residents will register via a form by clicking a link on the City’s website to access the Show’s website or go directly to the Show’s website. The city now has updated contact and personal information that they can use for numerous purposes.

  • Held once a month  on a Saturday at a time that is best for the city.

  • Played at a community center or school gymnasium with bleachers.

  • Four – Half hour games (2 Hours)

  • Two – Five member families per game (8 Families)

  • Recorded and Aired Live on the City’s Website or Local Cable Channel

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